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Misha Nonoo Resort 2016

Fusing feminine dresses and separates with classic men's wear items, Misha Nonoo worked a graphic element…

Misha Nonoo RTW Fall 2015

The elegant atmosphere of Misha Nonoo’s fall runway show didn’t fully resonate in the clothes.

Nonoo RTW Spring 2015

Nonoo hit the mark with solids, including a group of simple yet hyper-chic off-white numbers.

Nonoo Resort 2015

Misha Nonoo delivered a resort collection of beautifully cut, narrow silk dresses that can gracefully…

Nonoo RTW Fall 2014

Misha Nonoo’s architectural approach to fall resulted in sculpted silhouettes, transparencies and geometric…

Nonoo Pre-Fall 2014

Misha Nonoo was inspired by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and designed her collection with light and…

Nonoo RTW Spring 2014

The designer was largely inspired by Gerhard Richter and his squeegee series.

Nonoo Resort 2014

Misha Nonoo struck a casual note for the season with a collection that had a tomboyish vibe.

Nonoo RTW Fall 2013

Misha Nonoo incorporated more knits into her collection for fall than in seasons past and went into formal…

Nonoo RTW Spring 2013

Misha Nonoo’s whimsical yet ladylike lineup looked to the island of Cuba for inspiration.

Nonoo Resort 2013

“Quirky and frivolous” is how Misha Nonoo described her resort collection.

Nonoo RTW Fall 2012

Designer Misha Nonoo was inspired by Savile Row tailoring and fit with an added dose of an Alfred Hitchcock…

Nonoo RTW Fall 2011

It’s more than just jackets and outerwear this season as Misha Nonoo launches a full ready-to-wear…

Nonoo RTW Spring 2011

Misha Nonoo’s chic jacket collection was inspired by rising female music stars, with looks like a military…