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Novis RTW Fall 2019

Jordana Warmflash had a simple approach to fall: make great clothes women look good and feel good in.

Novis RTW Spring 2019

Jordana Warmflash's effervescent world leaned toward the boldness and saturated colors of modern surrealism…

Novis RTW Fall 2018

The designer's openness to uplifting color combinations is a welcome reprieve in a generally serious season.

Novis RTW Spring 2018

Jordana Warmflash referenced vintage botanical drawings for spring, balancing abstract florals and a sense of…

Novis Resort 2018

Jordana Warmflash's keen attention to textures and details and to artisanal craftmanship plays throughout…

Novis RTW Fall 2017

Jordana Warmflash conceived a chic, lively collection infused with a charming artisanal touch.

Novis RTW Spring 2017

The colorful collection evoked an artisanal spirit with hand and machine knits.

Novis Resort 2017

Well-known for her own artisanal flair, designer Jordana Warmflash looked to Australian artist Esther Stewart…

Novis RTW Fall 2016

Jordana Warmflash took cues from artist Ellsworth Kelly's geometric shapes and bold palette for her fall…

Novis RTW Spring 2016

Designer Jordanna Warmflash mixed the colorful motifs of ceramicist Clarice Cliff with clean silhouettes in…

Novis Resort 2016

Designer Jordana Warmflash found inspiration in vintage Art Deco pottery, translating the patterns into…

Novis RTW Fall 2015

Quirky and sweet is the best way to describe Novis, the collection designed by Jordana Warmflash.

Novis RTW Spring 2015

Jordana Warmflash’s happy, bright collection looked to Pop artist Tom Wesselmann for inspiration.

Novis Resort 2015

Jordana Warmflash reinterpreted Pop Art for her first Novis resort collection.

Novis RTW Fall 2014

Jordana Warmflash held an intimate presentation for her fall collection filled with chunky knits and plenty…