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OAMC Men’s Fall 2020

Luke Meier considered the moment a consciousness awakens in sleek layered tailored silhouettes.

OAMC Men’s Spring 2020

Color, pattern and embellishment have been splashing over the men's runways in Europe, but Luke Meier isn't…

OAMC Men’s Fall 2019

Skilled at voluptuous, large shapes, Luke Meier managed to make his oversize coats and shirts look chic and…

OAMC Men’s Spring 2019

Designer Luke Meier set the mood for this collection with a mildly depressing quote from Marshall McLuhan…

OAMC Men’s Fall 2018

Luke Meier's considered post-war homecoming that translated into a minimalist mood.

OAMC Men’s Spring 2018

A stronger focus on tailoring contributed to a more sophisticated mood.

OAMC Men’s Fall 2017

The supermodern collection was at once wearable and directional.

OAMC Men’s Spring 2017

Luke Meier's approach for fall was conceptual but translated into a practical run of trans-seasonal…

OAMC Men’s RTW Fall 2016

The offering was a rare combination of street cred and sophistication.

OAMC Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Arnaud Faeh and Luke Meier looked to the Serengeti for their second OAMC collection.