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Officine Generale Men’s and Women’s Spring 2023

Womenswear is becoming a bigger part of the collection, and now represents a little more than 30 percent of…

Officine Générale Men’s Fall 2022

Pierre Mahéo channeled an androgynous look, with tone-on-tone layers and tactile fabrics.

Officine Générale Men’s Spring 2022

A master of the slouchy trouser, Pierre Mahéo added baggy, skater-style pants in a lightweight wool for…

Officine Générale Men’s Fall 2021

Pierre Mahéo took tailored jackets to a new place, remolding them into full-blown outerwear by adding layers…

Officine Générale RTW Spring 2021

Mahéo solved one of the city's most vexing challenges, how to remain stylish while cycling in a downpour.

Officine Générale Men’s Spring 2021

Pierre Mahéo trained his sights on suits, adapting them for an era that calls for versatility.

Officine Générale Men’s Fall 2020

Pierre Mahéo got his hands on a cache of photos from the streets of New York in the Seventies and went to…

Officine Générale Spring 2020

Mahéo has a lot of magic up his cool cotton sleeve.

Officine Générale Men’s Fall 2019

His collection, with its Fox Brothers flannels and cozy knits was handsome and youthful, packed with…

Officine Générale Spring 2019

Pierre Mahéo hit his stride with a coed lineup of chic and individual clothing for the young and…

Officine Générale Men’s Fall 2018

Pierre Mahéo delivered a soothing lineup of his mainstay: smart, contemporary and handsome.

Officine Générale Men’s Spring 2018

The collection centered on what the label does best: impeccably finished cool basics.

Officine Générale RTW Fall 2017

The esteemed men's wear brand's first women's effort centered on affordable luxury — impeccably finished…

Officine Générale Men’s Fall 2017

For fall, Mahéo lent his light touch to the most basic of garments — the chino, cargo pant, camel coat and…

Officine Generale Men’s Spring 2017

With a helping hand from a friendly neighbor, Pierre Mahéo mixed Parisian "je ne sais pa quoi" with Italian…