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Olympia Le-Tan RTW Fall 2017

Olympia Le-Tan offered functional versions of vintage styles for her fall collection inspired by Hitchcock…

Olympia Le-Tan RTW Spring 2017

Olympia Le-Tan offered up plenty of retro references, but they were more Swinging Sixties via Nineties…

Olympia Le-Tan RTW Fall 2016

The blithesome designer provided a potpourri of dazzling prints and patterns borrowed from real-life art…

Olympia Le Tan RTW Spring 2016

Olympia Le-Tan's Japan-themed collection was less over-the-top and flamboyant than usual.

Olympia Le Tan RTW Fall 2015

"A bunch of trippy ballerinas," is how Olympia Le-Tan summarized her energetic fall show, titled "The Red…

Olympia Le-Tan RTW Spring 2015

Olympia Le-Tan, who juggles female stereotypes like an acrobat, took on the naughty schoolgirl for spring.

Olympia Le Tan RTW Fall 2014

The designer reached deep into her bag of tricks for fall — literally.

Olympia Le-Tan RTW Spring 2014

The spring presentation at the Paris Aquarium turned sweet fairly quickly — in keeping with her…