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Paria/Farzaneh RTW Fall 2021

A manifesto of individuality, the collection features easy-to-style items that are both ready for nomad life…

Paria/Farzaneh RTW Spring 2021

With an explosive performance, Farzaneh wants her guests to feel, to smell, to hear and to taste millions of…

Paria/Farzaneh Men’s Fall 2020

Farzaneh told a story of heritage and tradition by staging a traditional Iranian wedding to open her fall…

Paria/Farzaneh Men’s Spring 2020

The collection was small and the clothes were lovely, although the wigs and masks were creepy.

Paria/Farzaneh Men’s Fall 2019

For fall, Paria/Farzaneh explored the mundanity and repetition of everyday life.

Paria/Farzaneh Men’s Spring 2019

Paria Farzaneh continued to incorporate elements from her Iranian heritage.