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Petar Petrov RTW Spring 2023

Petar Petrov continued to soften his messaging with breezy chiffons inspired by the great outdoors.

Petar Petrov RTW Fall 2022

Petar Petrov offered a versatile range of understatedly sexy, easy-to-wear silhouettes.

Petar Petrov RTW Spring 2022

Petrov stayed grounded and offered clothes that can adapt to this transitionary moment of an ongoing pandemic…

Petar Petrov RTW Fall 2021

Petrov wanted to create "clothes for whatever happens."

Petar Petrov Resort 2021

The Vienna-based designer is focusing on offering easygoing, yet ultra-luxe investment pieces that will speak…

Petar Petrov RTW Fall 2020

For his catwalk debut, Petrov refined his signatures and delivered a collection that felt relevant and…

Petar Petrov RTW Spring 2020

The Viennese designer showcased a breezy collection playing on his tailoring skills for flou and his usual…

Petar Petrov Resort 2020

Petar Petrov relaxed his signature tailored silhouettes and asymmetric silk dresses, building out his…

Petar Petrov RTW Fall 2019

Petrov reworked his signature tailoring and fluid, midi dresses to channel a tougher, more grounded mood.

Petar Petrov Men’s RTW Fall 2009

Petar Petrov stuck to his familiar beat of contemporary sportswear with a club-kid vibe.