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PH5 Resort 2022

PH5 teams up with Ty's Grocery, an emerging Chinese brand this resort on a jewelry collaboration.

PH5 RTW Fall 2021

PH5 designers Wei Lin and Zoe Champion up their sustainability game.

PH5 RTW Spring 2021

The collection was based on the idea of rebirth.

PH5 Resort 2021

Hope was an overarching theme to this playful collection.

PH5 RTW Fall 2020

The designers continued to show their depth with eclectic takes on knitwear that will appeal to creative…

PH5 RTW Fall 2019

Mijia Zhang and Wei Lin's whimsical "Alice in Wonderland" theme inspired a collection of charming attire.

PH5 RTW Spring 2019

Mija Zhang and Wei Lin translated a Miami Art Deco inspiration into an interesting knitwear-centric…

PH5 RTW Fall 2018

Wei Lin and Mijia Zhang put great effort into the casting to underscore the collection's independent women of…

PH5 Spring 2018

Founder Wei Lin and creative director Mijia Zhang of PH5 used a conceptual approach to depict their floral…

PH5 RTW Fall 2017

Wei Lin and Mijia Zhang's whimsical fall collection was inspired by Japanese anime and balloons.

PH5 RTW Spring 2017

Wei Lin and Mijia Zhang want to revolutionize knitwear with next-generation techniques for a younger…