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Phipps Spring 2022

The collection fell somewhere between camping clothes and rave wear.

Phipps Men’s Fall 2021

Spencer Phipps went to Iceland to film the trailer for his fall men's collection, inspired by polar explorers…

Phipps RTW Spring 2021

Spencer Phipps fulfilled a childhood dream by starring in his own Western film titled "The Spirit of Freedom."

Phipps Men’s Fall 2020

Spencer Phipps worked both brawn and romance into a modern, Western-tinged collection, dialing up the charm…

Phipps Men’s Spring 2020

LVMH prize finalist Spencer Phipps churned out a lineup of diverse cowboys who wore Stetsons with hiking…

Phipps Men’s Spring 2019

For this, the second collection of his eponymous brand, Spencer Phipps looked to explorers for inspiration.

Phipps Men’s Fall 2018

For its first collection, Phipps offered a mix-and-match assortment of basics.