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Ports 1961 RTW Spring 2022

Karl Templer said he was inspired by young women and how they're emerging from lockdown — confident…

Ports 1961 Resort 2022

Artistic director Karl Templer said he wanted to look at "male archetypes from a feminine point of view."

Ports 1961 RTW Fall 2021

Karl Templer was determined to dress women in robust clothing as they venture out of lockdown, and into a new…

Ports 1961 RTW Spring 2021

Karl Templer played with washed fabrics and fluid silhouettes for an elegant collection, revealing a new soft…

Ports 1961 RTW Fall 2020

Team Ports certainly knows how to put on a show, morning, noon or night. 

Ports 1961 Pre-Fall 2020

This latest collection was heavy on glammed-up daywear, and evening pieces, too.

Ports 1961 RTW Spring 2020

Templer and his team sent a jolt of color and pattern through this collection, which was inspired by the…

Ports 1961 RTW Fall 2019

Cagalj concentrated on reworking the pieces that she considers wardrobe staples.

Ports 1961 RTW Spring 2019

Natasa Cagalj used plenty of fringe and macramé styles to create a lightweight collection.

Ports 1961 Resort 2019

Nataša Cagalj had a wild time, mixing textures, playing with proportions and working Seventies interiors…

Ports 1961 RTW Fall 2018

The brand launched its accessories line for fall.

Ports 1961 Pre-Fall 2018

Natasa Cagalj worked up a collection packed with easy silhouettes meant to be transformed depending on the…

Ports 1961 RTW Spring 2018

An optimistic color palette and breezy, masculine-meets-feminine shapes added up to a chic, modern…

Ports 1961 Men’s Spring 2018

Designer Milan Vukmirovic sent a message of solidarity and fraternity down the runway.

Ports 1961 Resort 2018

Creative director Natasa Cagalj said she wanted to explore all elements of travel for resort.