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Pronounce RTW Spring 2022

The duo based the collection on the idea of a circle, and all the looks feature circles in creative ways.

Pronounce RTW Fall 2021

The brand's duo Yushan Li and Jun Zhou explored China's traditional pottery both on the physical and…

Pronounce RTW Spring 2021

For spring, Yushan Li and Jun Zhou drew inspirations from the capital of the Tibetan plateau, Lhasa.

Pronounce Men’s Fall 2020

Design duo Yushan Li and Jun Zhou presented an collection of elevated classics.

Pronounce Men’s Spring 2020

The Chinese brand finds a perfect symbol for perseverance and Sino-Italy cultural exchange.

Pronounce Men’s Fall 2019

Yushan Li and Jun Zhou paired abstract prints and sharp neon trims with classic silhouettes.

Pronounce Men’s Spring 2019

An Indian summer from Yushan Li and Jun Zhou.

Pronounce Men’s Fall 2018

The vibrant collection, a mish-mash of colors, textures and styles, blended in with the London's…

Pronounce Men’s Spring 2018

The spring collection was a blend of traditional tailoring and Chinese workwear influences, and was filled…