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R13 Resort 2022

Chris Leba's resort collection for R13 encapsulated the brand's signature angsty-coolness in ways that felt…

R13 RTW Fall 2021

Chris Leba's fall offering for R13, "COVID Grunge," was chock-full of attitude and style.

R13 Pre-Fall 2021

R13's Chris Leba's take on "life in lockdown" served up a rebellious, girl power attitude with clothes to…

R13 RTW Spring 2021

Chris Leba is focusing his attention back on items that speak to the brand ethos and really standing behind…

R13 RTW Fall 2020

Chris Leba made a major fashion statement with upcycled leather and denim, at times experimentally worked…

R13 Pre-Fall 2020

Leba shied away from colorful prints this season, focusing instead on subverting khaki, plaids and more…

R13 RTW Spring 2020

Leba decided to take on the challenge of promoting the essence of skate culture in new and exciting ways.

R13 Resort 2020

Leba made a statement with military surplus, and you could boil the rest of the collection down to camo…

R13 RTW Fall 2019

Chris Leba's fall show expressed his outlook on American fashion, overflowing with creativity, high fashion…

R13 Pre-Fall 2019

At the core of the collection were young, exciting, wearable clothes with gender-ambiguous undertones.

R13 RTW Spring 2019

Chris Leba's spring collection for R13 was a youthful interpretation of the themes of surf, sex and rock 'n'…

R13 Resort 2019

The main message here was a play on proportions that leaned on gender-ambiguous undertones.

R13 RTW Fall 2018

His eclectic fall lineup addressed environmental conservation in nuanced ways.

R13 Pre-Fall 2018

Eighties and early Nineties references resulted in edgy pieces drawn from men's wear.

R13 RTW Spring 2018

Chris Leba took stylistic cues from the Hutterites, offering a range of prints balanced by utility aprons.