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Rad Hourani Couture Spring 2015

To present his trans-seasonal couture lineup, the designer opted for an exhibition instead.

Rad Hourani Couture Fall 2014

For fall couture, Rad Hourani’s intricate layers included belted, kimono-wrap jackets and multicollared…

Rad Hourani Couture Spring 2014

This season, the designer worked in an intriguing all-black palette while staying true to his graphic…

Rad Hourani Fall Couture 2013

The Canadian designer's futuristic, unisex collections walk the line between total abstraction and the…

Rad Hourani Spring Couture 2013

The designer's first official couture collection celebrated his unisex approach, kept simple in black and…

Rad Hourani Fall Couture 2012

Rad Hourani’s couture debut was a sculptural exercise.

Rad Hourani RTW Fall 2010

Rad Hourani’s beautifully done, origami-esque wool jackets and sweaters were stunning.

Rad Hourani RTW Spring 2010

Rad Hourani’s Space Age unisex garb holds appeal for the club kid at heart.

Rad Hourani RTW Fall 2009

On his latest trip to the dark side, Rad Hourani punched up a devilishly chic collection with a few sequins…

Rad Hourani RTW Spring 2009

Symmetrical, structured, seasonless — Rad Hourani demonstrated his aesthetic to a T.

Rad Hourani RTW Fall 2008

Plenty of young designers work with an urban state of mind. Canadian Rad Hourani does too...