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Rahul Mishra Couture Spring 2022

This season was all about flower power.

Rahul Mishra Couture Fall 2021

Memories of Santorini inspired this collection full of big volumes.

Rahul Mishra Couture Spring 2021

It seems that mushrooms are a thing for spring.

Rahul Mishra Couture Fall 2020

"Every stitch, every knot is strongly related to the present and future of an artisan," said Mishra.

Rahul Mishra RTW Fall 2020

Sleeveless dresses with sheer insets were convincing carryovers from the haute couture line, in powder blue…

Rahul Mishra Couture Spring 2020

Rahul Mishra recreated underwater landscapes and tropical flora with his breathtaking 3-D embroideries with…

Rahul Mishra RTW Spring 2020

Rahul Mishra worked in extra glamour as he continued his turn into 3-D territory with embroideries that…

Rahul Mishra Couture Fall 2019

Rahul Mishra's first couture outing offered up new creative possibilities, allowing him to build a 3-D…

Rahul Mishra RTW Fall 2019

The designer made a stronger case for the use of traditional handiwork with a more contemporary lineup.

Rahul Mishra RTW Spring 2019

The designer highlighted traditional Indian craftsmanship with decorative seams, embroidery and handwoven…

Rahul Mishra RTW Fall 2018

The Indian designer offered a wide-ranging collection of pieces calling for individual inspection.

Rahul Mishra RTW Spring 2018

Rahul Mishra encouraged us to slow down and take note of the beauty of nature.

Rahul Mishra Fall 2017

The designer explored his love for Pointillism in his elaborate hand-embroidered sportswear designs.

Rahul Mishra RTW Spring 2017

Indian designer Rahul Mishra's spring offering seemed to emerge straight from the pages of a charming…

Rahul Mishra RTW Fall 2016

Rahul Mishra's mixture of Indian handicrafts and contemporary design elements had more of a streetwise feel…