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Ralph Lauren Pre-Fall 2015

Ralph Lauren loves his classics, and loves turning them into a sartorial challenge.

Ralph Lauren RTW Spring 2015

For spring, Lauren is embracing a practical approach to dressing for day and evening.

Ralph Lauren Resort 2015

The collection was a study in elegant modernity, Ralph style.

Ralph Lauren RTW Fall 2014

The designer showed two very different aspects of his world, the signature collection and his new Polo…

Ralph Lauren’s New Take

The designer held a walk-through of his fall men’s collection at his Madison Avenue offices in New York on…

Ralph Lauren Pre-Fall 2014

The designer described the collection as "very delicate, very sleek, very modern, with touches of detail."

Ralph Lauren RTW Spring 2014

Lauren devoted a good deal of his lineup to Mod with lovely results.

Ralph Lauren Resort 2014

Lauren stressed that unlike the cruise of old, this lineup offered more than just some fill-in merch.

Ralph Lauren RTW Fall 2013

The designer left the heat and passion of Spain, where he went for spring, for a sojourn to Russia.

Ralph Lauren Men’s RTW Fall 2013

In a far-reaching presentation at his Madison Avenue offices, the designer showed an assortment of tweed…

Ralph Lauren RTW Spring 2013

The clothes flaunted an unexpected visual bravado, without betraying a bit of the designer’s ethos, and many…

Ralph Lauren Resort 2013

The lineup was based on the house standards of simplicity and elegance, with several major jolts of color.

Ralph Lauren RTW Fall 2012

In a season of major fabric awareness, the designer's combinations felt natural and uncontrived.

Ralph Lauren RTW Spring 2012

The mostly white and silver gowns — Jean Harlow satins, floral metallics, crystal encrustations…

Ralph Lauren RTW Fall 2011

The designer took a major detour, traveling eastward to Shanghai. The trip made for an air of mystery and…