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Rena Lange Resort 2015

The design team of Munich-based brand looked to François Morellet, Kazimir Malevich and James Turrell this…

Rena Lange Pre-Fall 2014

Creative director Annick Gorman focused her collection on traveling in style — be it from “desk to dinner” or…

Rena Lange Resort 2014

Annick Gorman’s first outing as creative director was a refreshing and light lineup.

Rena Lange Pre-Fall 2013

With a nod to café society, the Lange design team focused on a warm palette for pre-fall.

Rena Lange Resort 2013

This collection was more focused on knitwear than ever.

Rena Lange Pre-Fall 2012

There were great coats, such as black leather and a tweed motorcycle jacket, as well as colorful and…

Rena Lange RTW Spring 2012

The designer has cornered the market on trimmings this season, a bevy of ribbons, braiding, lace, and little…

Rena Lange Resort 2012

In his first season as creative director, Karsten Fielitz delivered a light and feminine resort collection…

Rena Lange RTW Fall 2011

In a season of Seventies revivals, Rena Lange didn’t hold back, accentuating the best of a decade often…

Rena Lange Pre-Fall 2011

The Swinging Sixties meet weekending aristocrats at Rena Lange as design director Julian Neale revamps the…

Rena Lange RTW Spring 2011

Design director Julian Neale navigated a nautical theme for spring with freshness and sophistication.

Rena Lange Resort 2011

Tailored casual styles were contrasted with more feminine looks inspired by the tango.

Rena Lange RTW Fall 2010

Rena Lange's first runway show in Berlin came across strong and clear with a fashion message that said…

Rena Lange Pre-Fall 2010

Julian Neale looked to the bohemian flair of Marianne Faithfull juxtaposed with the chic elegance of Faye…

Rena Lange Resort 2010