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Richard Nicoll RTW Spring 2015

Richard Nicoll's appealing spring lineup was intricately constructed, and showcased his command of languid…

Richard Nicoll Resort 2015

The designer said he wanted to merge the ideas of “embracing the future but also slowing down,” with his…

Richard Nicoll Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Richard Nicoll set out to give urban uniforms an artisanal feel, and the result was a full-on foray into…

Richard Nicoll RTW Fall 2014

Richard Nicoll created a confident collection that showed him hitting a wearable, saleable stride.

Richard Nicoll Men’s RTW Fall 2014

His lineup of cowboy dandies and urban peacocks lit up London’s dark skies like a late blast of New Year’s…

Richard Nicoll RTW Spring 2014

Pink was promised at the designer's spring show.

Richard Nicoll Resort 2014

The designer delivered a sportswear-influenced resort lineup that riffed on wardrobe classics for “powerful…

Richard Nicoll Men’s RTW Spring 2014

The collection showcased Nicoll's signature minimal looks, with leather trousers, mesh T-shirts and boiler…

Richard Nicoll RTW Fall 2013

The designer's knack for fabric development shone on the catwalk as he transposed the look of crocodile skin…

Richard Nicoll Men’s RTW Fall 2013

The designer worked a palette of blues, grays and traffic cone orange and a splatter print that occasionally…

Richard Nicoll RTW Spring 2013

The designer sent out a collection that focused on clean, athletic-inspired designs.

Richard Nicoll Men’s RTW Spring 2013

The designer’s debut men's collection was clean, simple and sporty.

Richard Nicoll Resort 2013

The designer played with the idea of “graphic athleticism,” mixing up color, print and texture for his…

Richard Nicoll RTW Spring 2012

The collection was a departure from the designer's easy, modern glamour.

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

The designer's favored lingerie elements were on full display for resort.