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Rick Owens RTW Spring 2023

The designer seduced with a fountain, fog, gorgeous colors and frothy silhouettes.

Rick Owens Spring 2023

The designer focused on transparent fabrics, and billowing or twisting volumes.

Rick Owens RTW Fall 2022

The designer turned to the '30s and turned out a ravishing, glamorous collection.

Rick Owens Men’s Fall 2022

The designer invented a new term for his fall look — "glamasleazy."

Rick Owens RTW Spring 2022

Fog machines accentuated the drama of the designer's return to Paris.

Rick Owens Men’s Spring 2022

Portable fog machines added drama to heroic, hole-punched tailoring, filmy tops and puddling pants.

Rick Owens RTW Fall 2021

The designer's gorgeous brand of defiant chic included superhero capes and stunning fishtail gowns.

Rick Owens Men’s Fall 2021

The collection was dark and defiant — and full of lust-worthy coats.

Rick Owens RTW Spring 2021

The collection felt like a defiant fashion act, deflecting doom with major shoulders, thigh-high boots and…

Rick Owens Men’s Spring 2021

Surveillance-like footage of the designer fitting a model turned out to be gripping. The clothes were that…

Rick Owens RTW Fall 2020

Steeped in calculated artifice (Owens knows how to sculpt a shoulder like Michelangelo), but with a wearable…

Rick Owens Men’s Fall 2020

For this designer with the long black locks, and tall plexiglass platforms, the world is almost always a…

Rick Owens RTW Spring 2020

The designer mined his Mixtec heritage with a fiesta's worth of color and pattern, and a new level of…

Rick Owens Men’s Spring 2020

For spring, Owens was thinking about his Mexican mother and grandmother, and about Donald Trump's fixation…

Rick Owens RTW Fall 2019

The designer presented a tour de force of glamour (and grotesque, courtesy of the makeup designed by body mod…