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Roberta Einer RTW Fall 2019

Colorful, printed silk shirts were the highlight of Roberta Einer's collection.

Roberta Einer RTW Spring 2019

Einer was inspired by Morocco's landscape and mountain ranges.

Roberta Einer RTW Fall 2018

Roberta Einer reinterprets Eighties maximalist sensibilities for fall.

Roberta Einer RTW Spring 2018

Here was an explosion of shimmer, sheen and sparkle that felt youthful, relevant and cool.

Roberta Einer RTW Fall 2017

Roberta Einer worked her signature sparkling embellishment on languid silhouettes with a retro slant.

Roberta Einer RTW Spring 2017

Yes, it was flashy but a lovely baby pink velvet shorts suit showed she's capable of restraint.