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Roberto Cavalli RTW Fall 2017

The design team delivered a collection of precious couture-like dresses celebrating the house's codes.

Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2017

The design team conceived a commercially savvy collection rooted in the brand's heritage.

Roberto Cavalli RTW Spring 2017

Peter Dundas was all about the mix — almost too much.

Roberto Cavalli Men’s Spring 2017

Romantic and sensual, Peter Dundas explored a Seventies rock 'n' roll aesthetic for spring.

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2017

Peter Dundas flashed back to the Seventies, drawing on the decade's bohemian, free-spirited mood.

Roberto Cavalli RTW Fall 2016

Taking his cues from early 20th-century bohemianism, as well as the occult and Sixties rock, Peter Dundas…

Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2016

For his first Roberto Cavalli pre-fall collection, Peter Dundas developed a strong lineup infused with a…

Roberto Cavalli Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Synonymous with items such as snakeskin blousons and demonstrative dinner jackets, men's wear at Roberto…

Roberto Cavalli RTW Spring 2016

For his return to the label, Peter Dundas gave it an injection of youth and street savvy along with a more…

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2016

The Roberto Cavalli design team took inspiration from nature for resort, detailing everything from casual…

Roberto Cavalli RTW Fall 2015

Here was an eclectic collection of slinky, showy and sexy clothes unified by dense decoration.

Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2015

Romantic flowers and bold tiger stripes took center stage in Roberto Cavalli’s elegant collection for…

Roberto Cavalli Men’s RTW Fall 2015

The collection was tame by Cavalli standards — and all the more approachable for it.

Roberto Cavalli RTW Spring 2015

With Seventies homages all over Milan, it was a given that Roberto Cavalli, who made a name for himself…

Roberto Cavalli Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Roberto Cavalli parked his treasured blue 1970 Ferrari Daytona on the runway, a potent symbol of the “Miami…