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Rokh RTW Spring 2023 

Rok Hwang put an "irrational" spin on wardrobe classics and leather goods. 

Rokh RTW Fall 2022

A deconstructed sneaker symbolized the go-getter attitude Rok Hwang associates with the women he dresses

Rokh RTW Spring 2022

Workwear morphed into evening gowns, and vice versa.

Rokh RTW Fall 2021

Designer Rok Hwang is a global citizen with a unique point of view combining pragmatic dressing, romance and…

Rokh RTW Spring 2021

Rok Hwang went to an imaginary place where anxiety, curiosity and imagination converge. It made for…

Rokh RTW Fall 2020

Rok Hwang showed at Paris Fashion Week on the day of his sister's wedding, so he decided to make the…

Rokh RTW Spring 2020

For his second Paris show, London-based Rok Hwang delved further into his childhood to reaffirm his tailoring…

Rokh RTW Fall 2019

Rok Hwang delivered an atmospheric show inspired by his teenage years in Texas.