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Roksanda RTW Spring 2023

Ilinčić chose a rose as inspiration for this emotionally charged collection.

Roksanda RTW Fall 2022

Roksanda Ilinčić unveiled a collaboration with Fila at her fall show, which saw her adding couture volumes to…

Roksanda RTW Spring 2022

The show was full of physicality and raw emotion and stood out in this hybrid season in London.

Roksanda RTW Fall 2021

Roksanda Ilincic offered clothes that where as cozy as they were optimistic and forward-looking…

Roksanda RTW Spring 2021

Ilincic said she wanted to transmit the internal dramas, and conflicting emotions, of lockdown.

Roksanda RTW Fall 2020

This kaleidoscope of a collection was one of Roksanda Ilincic's most powerful and strong on color and texture.

Roksanda RTW Spring 2020

Ilincic blended her signature femininity with a more laid-back, tailored looks that added currency to the…

Roksanda RTW Fall 2019

Roksanda Ilincic explored less familiar territory for fall, adding touches of utilitarianism and practicality…

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2019

Roksanda Ilinicic worked up a collection that had a sporty-couture feel, and was a mix of smooth surfaces and…

Roksanda RTW Spring 2019

Roksanda Ilincic continued to focus on fluid, languid silhouettes, reimagining them using fabrics and…

Roksanda Resort 2019

Roksanda Ilincic was in full artistic flow, tapping into the generous, colorful brushstrokes of Helen…

Roksanda RTW Fall 2018

Roksanda Ilincic said she was looking to dress women for real life, and for once-in-a-lifetime moments, and…

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018

Ilincic said she wanted her woman to feel sheltered, protected and confident.

Roksanda RTW Spring 2018

The designer eschewed her signature, sculpted silhouettes in favor of looser, more liquid ones and like many…

Roksanda Resort 2018

Ilincic took cues from Seventies tapestries and embedded handcrafted elements into garments for resort.