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Rosetta Getty RTW Spring 2022

Rosetta Getty was reminiscing on the little things we take for granted and rendered them into an…

Rosetta Getty Resort 2022

Rosetta Getty's transitional resort fashions offered comfort and sophistication hand-in-hand.

Rosetta Getty RTW Fall 2021

Rosetta Getty continued pre-fall's 1990s-inspired elan and collaboration with artist Bernadette Van-Huy for…

Rosetta Getty Pre-Fall 2021

The L.A. designer has a Nineties moment, platform Vans and all.

Rosetta Getty RTW Spring 2021

The Los Angeles designer's signature languid lifestyle dressing adapts perfectly to the new at-home reality.

Rosetta Getty RTW Fall 2020

Rosetta Getty is set upon offering an elevated wardrobe brimming with versatility.

Rosetta Getty Pre-Fall 2020

The ease of Rosetta Getty's pre-fall collection was its strength and overall appeal.

Rosetta Getty RTW Spring 2020

Rosetta Getty continued her fashion explorations, with transformable garments, elevated staples and a deep…

Rosetta Getty Resort 2020

Rosetta Getty implemented design details from the Bauhaus School — which marks its 100-year anniversary next…

Rosetta Getty RTW Fall 2019

"Morning-after chic" may sound like a far cry from the clean, no-nonsense minimalism the brand has come to…

Rosetta Getty Pre-Fall 2019

Artist Anna Ostoya's work and studio featured prominently in Getty's collection.

Rosetta Getty RTW Spring 2019

Rosetta Getty imbued her spring collection with the colors of Liz Glynn's ceramic glazes and clays.

Rosetta Getty Resort 2019

For resort, Rosetta Getty explored new fabrics and transformative ready-to-wear through collaborating with…

Rosetta Getty RTW Fall 2018

The works of artist Analia Saban served as major inspiration for this pretty collection, infused with a city…

Rosetta Getty Pre-Fall 2018 Review

Rosetta Getty looked to the Hammer Museum's exhibition Radical Women: Latin American Art 1960-1985 to inform…