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Rosie Assoulin RTW Fall 2020

Rosie Assoulin offered divine tension within voluminous, haute couture-inspired shapes, through heavy…

Rosie Assoulin Pre-Fall 2020

The brand's first pre-fall was shown in Paris and gave more space to hand-finished details and lush materials.

Rosie Assoulin RTW Spring 2020

The transition from weekday summer in the city to weekend at the shore inspired transformable pieces that…

Rosie Assoulin RTW Fall 2019

Rosie Assoulin's fall collection had a through line of reality that reined in the fantasy in favor of, dare…

Rosie Assoulin Resort 2019

The looks were eclectic, beautifully made, born into the family, but, at times, very distantly related.

Rosie Assoulin RTW Fall 2018

Assoulin enjoys getting carried away. Her endless energy is infectious and it seeps into the clothes.

Rosie Assoulin RTW Spring 2018

The lineup was less a cohesive collection than a series of outfits brimming with personality.

Rosie Assoulin Resort 2018

The designer showed an easy and refined collection with a visual punch.

Rosie Assoulin RTW Fall 2017

Rosie Assoulin's fall collection was brimming with ideas, many of them pulled from interiors and the idea of…

Rosie Assoulin RTW Spring 2017

Rosie Assoulin curbed her enthusiasm just enough to yield one of her most delightfully down-to-earth…

Rosie Assoulin Resort 2017

Rosie Assoulin's resort lineup was an exercise in colorful, giddy fashion.

Rosie Assoulin RTW Fall 2016

The designer delivered a beautiful fall collection crafted from high-end fabrics and featuring sophisticated…

Rosie Assoulin RTW Spring 2016

Rosie Assoulin's models wore a rainbow of plucky, punchy get-ups that collectively resembled a wacky…

Rosie Assoulin Resort 2016

The designer played with ruffles, tie-dye, floral prints and hair beading in a resort collection that was an…

Rosie Assoulin RTW Fall 2015

There are rarely overarching inspirations behind Rosie Assoulin’s collections, which are marked by her…