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Sacai RTW Spring 2019

Chitose Abe operates from a template. Keeping it current is a matter of her impeccable taste and exacting…

Sacai Spring 2019

Chitose Abe set out to defy preconceived notions about clothes — for men and women — and she succeeded with a…

Sacai RTW Fall 2018

Chitose Abe put forth her stock and trade, blending multiple garments across many different aesthetics into…

Sacai Pre-Fall 2018

Chitose Abe continued to convince with her demonstration on hybridization started in her fall 2018 men's…

Sacai Men’s Fall 2018

Designer Chitose Abe masterfully challenged those for whom hybridization is just a trend.

Sacai RTW Spring 2018

Infused with a fresh, feel-good attitude, the garments felt lighter and easier than usual despite intense…

Sacai Men’s Spring 2018

The overall mood was cleaner and more graphic, with slogan looks telegraphing an ultraclean, preppy-punk…

Sacai RTW Fall 2017

Chitose Abe created a wardrobe of looks for women who do what they want to do when they want to do it.

Sacai Pre-Fall 2017

Chitose Abe explored unexpected combinations in this terrific pre-fall collection.

Sacai Men’s Fall 2017

Chitose Abe chopped and sliced her way through this collection, creating hybrid silhouettes for men and women.

Sacai RTW Spring 2017

Chitose Abe applied her hybridization to pop culture style icons, including Jane Birkin, Kurt Cobain, Jimi…

Sacai Resort 2017

Chitose Abe's resort collection merged the utilitarian shapes of Nineties sportswear with folkloric touches.

Sacai Men’s Spring 2017

Mexican poncho fabrics and other folkloric patterns fed the collection's jumbled, global wanderer feel.

Sacai RTW Fall 2016

Chitose Abe's standard choreography of multiple references took on an operatic tone for her fall Sacai…

Sacai Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Designer Chitose Abe mixed and blended contrasting textures and conjured multiple layers for fall.