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Sandro RTW Spring 2021

Mining the Seventies, Sandro turned up some pretty funky knitwear.

Sandro Men’s Fall 2020

Ilan Chetrite marked a retreat from the street, outfitting his smart, young Parisian with crisp suits and…

Sandro RTW Spring 2020

For its Paris-meets-New Delhi theme, the brand added lush prints and extra shine — fitting for a label in…

Sandro Men’s Spring 2020

Channeling nostalgia for a dressier era, the label headed for the Riviera.

Sandro RTW Fall 2019

Evelyne Chetrite introduced western elements into the lineup but kept it appropriate for the office.

Sandro Men’s Fall 2019

The label extended outerwear to puffer coats — including a checked version lined with polar fleece and…

Sandro RTW Spring 2019

Evelyne Chetrite mixed contemporary streetwear with clothing that drew on preppy vibes from the East Coast in…

Sandro Men’s Spring 2019

Ilan Chétrite dressed loitering skateboarders from the Nineties in Paris with gob hats, gas stations shirts…

Sandro RTW Fall 2018

The fall collection was rife with mismatched jolie laide layers that hit the bull's-eye of fashion's current…

Sandro Men’s Fall 2018

Ilan Chétrite built a smart collection with corduroy as the centerpiece.

Sandro RTW Spring 2018

The contemporary French label drew on its trademark themes of lace and flower prints, stripes and its iconic…

Sandro Men’s Spring 2018

Ilan Chetrite alluded to jazz music and the Beat Generation in a collection inspired by the libertarian…

Sandro RTW Fall 2017

Sandro designer Evelyn Chétrite gave Victorian ruffles, lace, velvet and brocade a modern spin in her fall…

Sandro Men’s Fall 2017

Dropped shoulders and mock necks recalled the laid-back looks of Paris in the Nineties.

Sandro RTW Spring 2017

Evelyne Chetrite infused her spring collection with trendy charm via gypsy, karma and Americana themes.