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Sandy Liang RTW Spring 2022

Sandy Liang's spring collection included a mix of sport, uniform and femininity with an early Aughts…

Sandy Liang RTW Fall 2021

Sandy Liang debuted a marriage between fantasy and reality through her fall collection.

Sandy Liang RTW Spring 2021

"It was really nice to just think about what I want for the season and what is really representative of me…

Sandy Liang RTW Fall 2020

Sandy Liang pared back her usual delightfully quirky collection into a simpler, more sophisticated lineup.

Sandy Liang RTW Spring 2020

Sandy Liang held her first runway for spring, introducing jewelry and nighttime attire in her subversive…

Sandy Liang Resort 2020

The collection namely centered on childhood nostalgia, which Liang reflected in happy and unencumbered…

Sandy Liang RTW Fall 2019

The big news at Sandy Liang's fall presentation was the launch of a unisex capsule collection aimed at men.

Sandy Liang RTW Spring 2019

Authenticity has been key to Sandy Liang's growth as a brand, which targets urbanites who want cool, unfussy…

Sandy Liang Resort 2019

The exciting news for resort was the launch of cut-and-sew knitwear that added an expanded dimension of…

Sandy Liang RTW Fall 2018

The clothes were happy, easy-to-wear items that balanced amplified proportions with urban appeal.

Sandy Liang RTW Spring 2018

The designer brought together some of the best elements of her archive into new contexts.

Sandy Liang Resort 2018

The overall tone was noticeably quieter, more relaxed, but retained that playful dose of subversion to keep…

Sandy Liang RTW Fall 2017

A substantial range of lust worthy outerwear was introduced for fall.

Sandy Liang RTW Spring 2017

The spring collection featured more ready-to-wear items with a chic, offbeat twist.

Sandy Liang Resort 2017

Sandy Liang introduced downtown-cool lace separates for her first resort outing.