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Sankuanz Men’s Spring 2023

Shangguan Zhe went back to his brand's roots for this collection.

Sankuanz Men’s Fall 2022

Shangguan Zhe mixed high fashion and streetwear elements in this coed collection.

Sankuanz Men’s Spring 2022

Shangguan Zhe presented a wide variety of looks that fit together well.

Sankuanz Men’s Fall 2021

Shangguan Zhe's collection mixes beautiful and painful elements.

Sankuanz RTW Spring 2021

Shangguan Zhe took a cue from the fusion of various ethnic and pop cultures this season.

Sankuanz Men’s Fall 2020

Shangguan Zhe had culture and ideology in mind when fashioning this collection.

Sankuanz Men’s Spring 2020

The American West helped fashion Shangguan Zhe's urban collection.

Sankuanz Men’s Fall 2019

Themes of protection and destruction continued to fashion Shangguan Zhe's urban collection.

Sankuanz Men’s Spring 2019

A protective theme wove through the collection, with fluid fringed chainmail tops, metallic tips on collars…

Sankuanz Men’s Fall 2018

Shangguan Zhe swung between toughened performance gear and high-tech hobo in a generic post-apocalyptical…

Sankuanz Men’s Spring 2018

The brand referenced Cy Twombly's life and works.

Sankuanz Men’s Fall 2017

Shangguan Zhe used repurposed hazmat suits in his post-apocalyptic streetwear collection.

Sankuanz Men’s Spring 2017

Shangguan Zhe proffered a celebration of street style for the disquieted space age generation.

Sankuanz Men’s RTW Fall 2016

The collection was primarily inspired by the first Asian Games in China, in 1990.

Sankuanz Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Sankuanz showed a joyful collection that played with classic styles like the military frock coat and the…