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Shiatzy Chen RTW Spring 2023

Chen Tsai-Hsia took inspiration from Tangram and offered geometric shapes with a touch of the Swinging…

Shiatzy Chen RTW Fall 2022

Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia set off a firework display for fall.

Shiatzy Chen RTW Spring 2022

Design director Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia was drawn to the melting pot aspect and sense of joyous wonder brought by…

Shiatzy Chen RTW Fall 2021

Shiatzy Chen delivered a wardrobe for sharp-shouldered heroines who like a little glitz.

Shiatzy Chen RTW Spring 2021

Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia's collection was inspired by Hua Mulan, a fabled female warrior of yesteryear.

Shiatzy Chen RTW Fall 2020

The cancellation of the show was an opportunity to get up close with the Taiwanese luxury label's…

Shiatzy Chen RTW Spring 2020

Bamboo provided the starting point for a breezy, youthful collection with the brand's East-meets-West flair.

Shiatzy Chen RTW Fall 2019

A classic couture sensibility took the upper hand in the richly elaborated creations incorporating…

Shiatzy Chen RTW Spring 2019

Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia continued to strip years off her brand in this fresh, sporty, youthful collection with a…

Shiatzy Chen RTW Fall 2018

Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia sent out a more tempered take on her brand's east-meets-west DNA, and all the better for…

Shiatzy Chen RTW Spring 2018

The collection had a fresh, youthful direction.

Shiatzy Chen RTW Fall 2017

The collection juxtaposed handcrafted rococo flourishes and rich Chinese embroideries on sporty silhouettes.

Shiatzy Chen RTW Spring 2017

The colors and patterns of stained glass windows figured among inspirations.

Shiatzy Chen RTW Fall 2016

Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia charged full speed into Victoriana for fall with a Chinese twist suggestive of the Beaux…

Shiatzy Chen RTW Spring 2016

Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia worked delicate lace and floral motifs on lingerie-style dresses of various lengths as…