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Shrimps RTW Fall 2020

Outerwear was the star of this runway drama.

Shrimps RTW Fall 2019

For her debut runway show, Hannah Weiland reveled in her flair for magpie dressing, building on the growing…

Shrimps RTW Fall 2018

Shrimps launches a capsule shoe collection.

Shrimps RTW Spring 2018

Romance was in the air at Shrimps, the colorful faux-fur label designed by Hannah Weiland.

Shrimps RTW Fall 2017

Mary Queen of Scots and Louise Bourgeois were among the inspirations behind designer Hannah Weiland's strong…

Shrimps RTW Spring 2017

Designer Hannah Weiland channeled a serene, yet quirky femininity.

Shrimps Resort 2017

Shrimps designer Hannah Weiland conveyed a feeling of nostalgia and innocence through her Resort 2017…

Shrimps RTW Fall 2016

"The Shrimps girl has grown up with me so this season she's wiser and a little darker," said the label's…

Shrimps Resort 2016

For the collection, Hannah Weiland turned to what she called an "ice cream" color palette.

Shrimps RTW Fall 2015

Hannah Weiland's Shrimps presentation was a Space Age fiesta of glitter and faux fur inspired by The Wizard…

Shrimps RTW Spring 2015

Hannah Weiland’s collection of faux fur and leather pieces was upbeat and fun.