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Sies Marjan RTW Fall 2020

Sander Lak scored with a winning lineup of pastoral elegance and elevated workwear.

Sies Marjan Men’s Fall 2020

Designer Sander Lak mined a range of time periods for a tactile collection that played with cinematic…

Sies Marjan RTW Spring 2020

Glossy lipstick and nail lacquer shades inspired the polish of this collection of future classics.

Sies Marjan Men’s Spring 2020

Sander Lak described his first full men's collection as an exploration of fragility and male sexuality.

Sies Marjan RTW Fall 2019

At Sies Marjan, there was love in the air, crystals underfoot and in between, beautiful clothes.

Sies Marjan RTW Spring 2019

The collection was more reality-based than Sander Lak's previous wildly colorful, fantasy-driven lineups.

Sies Marjan RTW Fall 2018

Sander Lak transformed a strange, vacant floor lined in exposed pipes and dirty tiles in a grimy hotel into a…

Sies Marjan RTW Spring 2018

For spring, Sander Lak brought things home for a very personal collection.

Sies Marjan RTW Fall 2017

Fantastical color and a celebration of ethereal, free-flowing silhouettes with sport touches continued to set…

Sies Marjan RTW Spring 2017

Sander Lak used unfettered, flyaway shapes and saturated colors to dress his modern goddess.

Sies Marjan RTW Fall 2016

Sander Lak debuted his new luxury label Sies Marjan with elegant yet fresh proportions for fall 2016.