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Snow Xue Gao RTW Fall 2021

Snow Xue Gao's balance between East-meets-West, masculine-meets-feminine, with an emphasis on mixed media…

Snow Xue Gao RTW Spring 2021

Spring featured a more relaxed design approach without losing its core East-meets-West, mixed media identity.

Snow Xue Gao RTW Fall 2020

Snow Xue Gao hit the nail on the head For fall, balancing commercial appeal while advancing her hybrid…

Snow Xue Gao RTW Spring 2020

Designer Snow Xue Gao's playful and vibrant spring collection had more feminine and fluid offerings than…

Snow Xue Gao RTW Fall 2019

The designer finessed her typically deconstructed, hybrid aesthetic into clean, consumer-friendly styles.

Snow Xue Gao RTW Spring 2019

The spring collection was lighter and more carefree than seasons past, letting a mix of fabric weights drape…

Snow Xue Gao RTW Fall 2018

Amplified proportions balancing men's tailoring against traditional qipaos is the designer's aesthetic…

Snow Xue Gao RTW Spring 2018

Snow Xue Gao merged Eastern and Western influences for her inventive yet wearable spring collection.