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St. John RTW Spring 2022

Creative director Zoe Turner upped the everyday ease and wearability factor for the COVID-conflicted times.

St. John Resort 2022

Bra tops, bare midriffs and bike shorts from St. John? You betcha. Zoe Turner pushed the idea of more casual…

St. John RTW Fall 2021

"Now it's the perfect time for us to start pushing the collections," designer Zoe Turner said.

St. John Pre-Fall 2021

Designer Zoe Turner shows why the Southern California brand is well positioned to be a purveyor of a new…

St. John RTW Spring 2021

A made-in-California, slouchy, sophisticated collection that should keep the Irvine, Calif.-based brand in…

St. John Resort 2020

For the resort season, the St. John team steered toward more graphic waters through a maritime-influenced…

St. John Pre-Fall 2019

In place of spring's minimalism, pre-fall brought about a more maximalist lineup to reach a younger clientele…

St. John RTW Spring 2019

St. John presented a more streamlined and sleek spring collection.

St. John Resort 2019

St. John's latest collection brought about a more youthful face with simplistic interpretations of their…

St. John RTW Fall 2018

Modern opulence for both evening- and daywear was the basis of Greg Myler's fall collection for St. John.

St. John Pre-Fall 2018

Designer Greg Myler offered rich textures, with bouclé stitches, macramé lace-and-fringe details combined…

St. John RTW Spring 2018

Mark Borthwick's portrait of Carolyn Murphy inspired a collection rich with texture and ease for the St. John…

St. John Resort 2018

Greg Myler presents a collection of blush, coral, hibiscus and raspberry tones inspired by Cy Twombly's "A…

St. John RTW Fall 2017

Designer Greg Myler aimed to attract modern-day art curators through his latest offering.

St. John Pre-Fall 2017

Greg Myler handled St. John's tradition of knits with an impressively light hand.