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Stella Jean RTW Spring 2020

Stella Jean traveled to a remote region of Pakistan to employ local artisans creating the handmade…

Stella Jean RTW Fall 2019

From Polynesia to the Flanders, the designers imagined an exotic Grand Tour.

Stella Jean Pre-Fall 2019

Stella Jean combined references to De Chirico's paintings with a Palm Beach inspiration in her lively…

Stella Jean RTW Spring 2019

West African and Brazilian references were combined with a contemporary sensibility in this joyful…

Stella Jean Resort 2019

Tropical patterns, macro gingham motifs and embroidered parrots contributed to the flamboyant and eccentric…

Stella Jean RTW Fall 2018

The designer injected sporty references into her joyful, energetic collection.

Stella Jean RTW Spring 2018

Bolivian female wrestlers, the Cholitas Luchadoras, were the muses which inspired this colorful, feminine…

Stella Jean Resort 2018

Country and tropical motifs were incorporated in this collection, focused on very feminine silhouettes.

Stella Jean RTW Fall 2017

The Cold War-themed collection blended U.S. and Russian influences with political statements.

Stella Jean Pre-Fall 2017

From the sport of boxing to the British countryside, the designer combined different references in this…

Stella Jean RTW Spring 2017

The designer showed her take on Burmese culture with graphic soccer jerseys and tea dresses in…

Stella Jean Resort 2017

Layering was at the core of the collection, which balanced the hyper-feminine with mannish touches.

Stella Jean RTW Fall 2016

Stella Jean dug into African and European cultures for her fall collection of rowdy tribal treatments and…

Stella Jean Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Relaxed dandy was the mood at Stella Jean.

Stella Jean RTW Spring 2016

Stella Jean continued the mutli-culti pastiche that's become her thing, this time by Italian migrants who…