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Sulvam Men’s Spring 2023

Breezy was the message for Teppei Fujita this season.

Sulvam Men’s Fall 2022

Teppei Fujita went people-watching in Paris for fall.

Sulvam RTW Spring 2022

Teppei Fujita usurped pattern-making conventions, transforming straight lines into curves.

Sulvam Men’s Fall 2021

Teppei Fujita offset familiar shapes with futuristic designs for a new world order.

Sulvam Men’s Spring 2021

Teppei Fujita's emotion for the season was positivity.

Sulvam Men’s Fall 2020

Teppei Fujita wants to challenge the diktats of fashion.

Sulvam Men’s Spring 2020

Boiling things down the essentials, Teppei Fujita worked with layering and tailoring.

Sulvam Fall 2019

Pushing against the current streetwear tide, Fujita turned to the dark suits and bowler hats of the chaotic…

Sulvam Spring 2019

The dominance of streetwear has kindled Teppei Fujita's interest in suit jackets and ties.

Sulvam Men’s Fall 2018

Joining the flow of the gender-free movement, Teppei Fujita was in his element, with vandalized men's wear…

Sulvam Men’s Spring 2018

There was a charming spontaneity to the layered flowing looks which celebrated the artisanal process.

Sulvam RTW Fall 2017

Teppei Fujita demonstrated both his creative chops and a keen business understanding with a technically…

Sulvam RTW Spring 2017

With oversized proportions, Teppei Fujita emphasized the unisex quality of his clothes.

Sulvam RTW Spring 2016

Teppei Fujita channeled Old West Americana with a collection brimming with fringe, cowboy boots, unfinished…

Sulvam RTW Fall 2015

Sulvam sent out a collection of suit-like separates and knitwear.