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Taakk Men’s Fall 2022

Takuya Morikawa infused his introspective collection with dreamlike motifs and sportier, vintage-inspired…

Taakk Men’s Spring 2022

Emulating Mother Nature, Takuya Morikawa brought to life new forms.

Taakk Men’s Fall 2021

Takuya Morikawa put an imaginative spin on tailored silhouettes in a collection inspired by the world of…

Taakk Men’s Spring 2021

Pastel hues, digital prints and elegant but relaxed silhouettes made up Takuya Morikawa's offering of modern…

Taakk Collection Men’s Spring 2019

Takuya Morikawa played with textiles and presented new ideas.

Taakk Men’s Fall 2018

Designer Takuya Morikawa's first New York Fashion Week presentation for Taakk featured augmented, off-beat…