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Tadashi Shoji RTW Spring 2022

As a new spring season approaches, for designer Tadashi Shoji so do the notions of a fresh start and more…

Tadashi Shoji RTW Fall 2021

Tadashi Shoji's fall collection leaned heavily into fashion as armor.

Tadashi Shoji RTW Spring 2020

Inspired by the "rebirth of spring," Tadashi Shoji presented a positive, floral-filled collection of his…

Tadashi Shoji RTW Fall 2020

The far-flung Mongolian empire of the Middle Ages was the inspiration for the designer's elegant…

Tadashi Shoji Pre-Fall 2020

The designer used Istanbul as a way to guide the season's lineup.

Tadashi Shoji RTW Spring 2020

The designer celebrated his Japanese roots with an eveningwear collection revealing the brand's signature…

Tadashi Shoji RTW Fall 2019

Tadashi Shoji's "Crazy Rich Asians"-inspired eveningwear had lush velvet trains, tiers of tulle and loads of…

Tadashi Shoji Pre-Fall 2019

Floral and vine prints permeated the collection, working on most pieces, but lacking refinement on some.

Tadashi Shoji RTW Spring 2019

Tadashi Shoji's spring collection shone, thanks to a plethora of celestial motifs and hopes for a brighter…

Tadashi Shoji Resort 2019

Tadashi Shoji approached a younger lineup à la athletic references.

Tadashi Shoji RTW Fall 2018

Tadashi Shoji couldn't help but be inspired by the #MeToo and Times Up movements.

Tadashi Shoji Pre-Fall 2018

Tadashi Shoji provided a collection full of rich tones in an array of textures for its pre-fall 2018 evening…

Tadashi Shoji Bridal Fall 2018

Tadashi Shoji offered a lively bridal Fall 2018 offering with shimmers of color

Tadashi Shoji RTW Spring 2018

A summer in South California inspired the designer's collections, which ranged from easily chic to utterly…

Tadashi Shoji Resort 2018

The designer channeled Jane Birkin for a collection of flirty separates and a bohemian spirit.