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Teatum Jones RTW Fall 2018

Joy, sadness and hope were translated into the three "chapters" of color in the collection that featured many…

Teatum Jones RTW Spring 2018

The collection was dedicated to Paralympic athletic Natasha Baker.

Teatum Jones RTW Fall 2017

The collection was filled with garments that highlighted seams and stitching.

Teatum Jones RTW Spring 2017

This exuberant collection fizzed with a riot of color and texture.

Teatum Jones RTW Fall 2016

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones, who recently earned the International Woolmark Prize, demonstrated their…

Teatum Jones RTW Spring 2016

Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee of Liberia inspired Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones to create a bold…

Teatum Jones RTW Fall 2015

Rob Jones and Catherine Teatum channeled the no-nonsense masculinity of Sixties Northern English coal miners.

Teatum Jones RTW Spring 2015

Nina Simone's strict Methodist upbringing inspired Rob Jones and Catherine Teatum's collection.

Teatum Jones RTW Fall 2014

A book by Richard Avedon depicting the workers of the American Deep South formed the basis of Rob Jones’ and…

Teatum Jones RTW Spring 2014

Inspired by Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones' mothers, the Teatum Jones collection took a tea towel as its…

Teatum Jones RTW Spring 2012

Design duo Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones worked their subversively romantic designs in a dreamy palette of…