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The Elder Statesman Pre-Fall 2020

Designer Greg Chait explored legends of creation and transcendental themes, elevated by textile developments.

The Elder Statesman Resort 2020

The Elder Statesman’s Greg Chait is never one to shy from a good narrative when it comes to his collections…

The Elder Statesman RTW Fall 2019

Designer Greg Chait's travel-inspired fall collection was elevated by his expertise in textiles.

The Elder Statesman RTW Spring 2018

Greg Chait's cashmere brand is all about the clash of sounds and genres of funk.

The Elder Statesman RTW Fall 2017

A woven textile by the artist Melissa Cody informed Greg Chait's colorful, graphic lineup.

The Elder Statesman RTW Spring 2017

Greg Chait's luxurious knits took a trip to outer space for spring.

The Elder Statesman RTW Fall 2016

Greg Chait's obsession with yarn guides the intricate processes involved in producing his exquisite cashmere…

The Elder Statesman RTW Fall 2013

Greg Chait’s signature is as young and subtle as it is luxurious.