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The Kooples RTW Spring 2021

Tom Van Dorpe gave the label a nudge toward minimalism and dresses were more sophisticated, less flouncy and…

The Kooples RTW Fall 2019

For fall, the label emphasized suit jackets, mostly black, but in every shape or form, for a youthful, urban…

The Kooples Men’s Spring 2019

Alexandre Elicha's collection was all about punk — and creature comforts — with lots of soft, distressed and…

The Kooples Men’s Fall 2018

Inspired by classic horror movies, The Kooples' Alexandre Elicha moved away from the brand's regular…

The Kooples Men’s Spring 2018

The collection made a case for building a season as a succession of independent capsules.

The Kooples Men’s Fall 2017

The French contemporary brand keeps its rock inspiration while moving to a more generous cut.

The Kooples Men’s RTW Spring 2017

The Kooples partnered with Waris Ahluwalia to offer up a collection inspired by Asian travel.