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Thebe Magugu RTW Fall 2023

The lineup was informed by folktales, many with a spooky twist.

Thebe Magugu RTW Spring 2022

The designer was inspired by family members including his stylish aunt Esther, "the Rihanna of her time."

Thebe Magugu Men’s Spring 2022

Thebe Magugu set up a theatrical performance that in a Western atmosphere portrayed the eternal battle…

Thebe Magugu RTW Fall 2021

The South African designer channeled '70s B-movies with "Ultimate Midnite Angels," a short film showcasing…

Thebe Magugu RTW Spring 2021

With motifs inspired by fingerprints and polygraph tests, Thebe Magugu's collection was inspired by the…

Thebe Magugu RTW Fall 2020

For his first presentation at Paris Fashion Week, South African designer Thebe Magugu created an immersive…