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Theyskens’ Theory Pre-Fall 2013

Olivier Theyskens has his “essentials” down to a science for the brand.

Theyskens’ Theory RTW Spring 2013

If the key to creating a successful clothing line is repetition laced with a little fashion, then Olivier…

Theyskens’ Theory Resort 2013

The latest collection offered lots of wardrobe staples in innovative fabrics and shapes.

Theyskens’ Theory RTW Fall 2012

In just a few seasons, Olivier Theyskens has developed a clear signature for the collection — ubercool with a…

Theyskens’ Theory Pre-Fall 2012

As Olivier Theyskens sees it, the ultimate modern wardrobe requires beautiful dresses and luxurious fur…

Theyskens’ Theory RTW Spring 2012

Theyskens built on the pretty girl/tomboy dichotomy he set up in the first season, this time with his eye…

Theyskens’ Theory Resort 2012

The designer kept resort light but with a hipster edge by mixing colors, prints and textures.

Theyskens’ Theory RTW Fall 2011

The collection, inspired by a play on the raw and rustic, delivered on so many counts — emotion, a cool…