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Todd Snyder Men’s Fall 2020

The designer's new collaboration with L.L. Bean was evident throughout the collection.

Todd Snyder Men’s Fall 2019

The designer offered up a collection filled with Seventies references.

Todd Snyder Men’s Spring 2019

The collection had an American roadshow theme.

Todd Snyder Men’s Fall 2018

The collection had a very romantic feel this season.

Todd Snyder Men’s Spring 2018

The designer revealed a much baggier silhouette for spring.

Todd Snyder Men’s Fall 2017

The collection was inspired by vintage shops and college campuses.

Todd Snyder Men’s Spring 2017

The designer, who has been known for his sartorial leanings, instead focused in more on the sportswear side…

Todd Snyder Men’s RTW Fall 2016

As the closing act at New York Fashion Week: Men's, Todd Snyder wanted to make a statement.

Todd Snyder Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Todd Snyder took a trip to Capri for spring.

Todd Snyder Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Todd Snyder knows what American men want to wear—especially during a cold New York winter.

Todd Snyder Men’s RTW Spring 2015

In his first runway collection, Snyder focused on what he does best: infusing minimalist basics with a modern…

Todd Snyder Men’s RTW Fall 2014

A Sixties Mod aesthetic was in the air at the designer's presentation: “I was inspired by the movie…

Todd Snyder Men’s RTW Spring 2014

The designer was inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and the movie "Purple Noon."

Todd Snyder Men’s RTW Fall 2013

"This is as bad-ass as I get," said the designer of his motorcycle-inspired collection.

Todd Snyder Men’s RTW Spring 2013

The designer's forte is good-looking, well-executed American sportswear, and that’s just what was…