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Trussardi RTW Spring 2023

The brand's creative directors Serhat Işık and Benjamin A. Huseby said their intention is "to build a…

Trussardi RTW Fall 2022

The debut collection from the GmbH design duo melded medieval fantasy and modern streetwear.

Trussardi RTW Spring 2021

Italy's countercultures from the late Eighties and early Nineties inspired Fiona Sinha and Aleksandar Stanic…

Trussardi RTW Fall 2020

Ilenia Durazzi's collection reworked the house's extensive leather archive with a feminine touch and a lot of…

Trussardi Men’s Spring 2020

Trussardi tapped United Standard's Giorgio di Salvo for the third chapter of its new Archive + Now project.

Trussardi RTW Fall 2018

Gaia Trussardi wanted to tap into the northern Italian tradition of hightailing to the mountains on winter…

Trussardi Pre-Fall 2018

Athletic and utilitarian references gave a dynamic spin to Gaia Trussardi's collection.

Trussardi RTW Spring 2018

Gaia Trussardi combined her women's and men's collections on the runway, using a light flight motif to frame…

Trussardi RTW Fall 2017

Gaia Trussardi kept things clean and classic this season, sending out a collection with fine tailoring, and…

Trussardi Men’s Fall 2017

Gaia Trussardi created a story hinging on tarot cards.

Trussardi RTW Spring 2017

Pop influences, metallic leather and shimmering fabrics were at the core to the lineup designed by Gaia…

Trussardi Men’s Spring 2017

Trussardi tapped actors to symbolize the modern man.

Trussardi RTW Fall 2016

Trussardi went country-chic for fall 2016.

Trussardi Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Gaia Trussardi set out to create an experience — and she did.

Trussardi RTW Spring 2016

Gaia Trussardi gave her collection an undercurrent of adventure, using references to nomadic tribes to imbue…