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Trussardi Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Nineties grunge rarely looked as appealing and refined as in Trussardi’s fall collection.

Trussardi RTW Spring 2015

“Go with what you know” seems to be Gaia Trussardi’s game plan for making an apparel business out of her…

Trussardi Men’s RTW Spring 2015

There was a steamy, Jazz Age vibe to Gaia Trussardi’s presentation.

Trussardi RTW Fall 2014

The collection was full of wearable riffs on classics.

Trussardi Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Creative director Gaia Trussardi described this collection as the ideal wardrobe of "a high-tech contemporary…

Trussardi Pre-Fall 2014

For pre-fall Gaia Trussardi imagined the wardrobe of an eccentric yet elegant young woman living a…

Trussardi RTW Spring 2014

Gaia Trussardi worked the house’s core leathers into clean sportswear with a strong Nineties vibe.

Trussardi Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Gaia Trussardi chose to stick to the family's tradition and worked mainly in leather as her debut…

Trussardi RTW Fall 2013

With this beautiful collection, creative director Umit Benan interpreted the house codes in a contemporary…

Trussardi Men’s RTW Fall 2013

Umit Benan worked a sporty, outdoorsy element into the Trussardi men's collection, giving it a youthful…

Trussardi RTW Spring 2013

Umit Benan Sahin continues to play with the traveling concept he brought to Trussardi two seasons ago. This…

Trussardi Men’s RTW Spring 2013

Umit Benan paid a romantic homage to the house's heyday, revisiting Seventies aesthetics with contemporary…

Trussardi RTW Fall 2012

Umit Benan Sahin offered functional, utilitarian looks heavy on men’s wear touches.

Trussardi Men’s RTW Fall 2012

It was a Seventies-inspired collection with some standalone pieces.

Trussardi RTW Spring 2012

The first women's collection by men’s wear designer Umit Benan Sahin.