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Uman Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Uman's minimalist approach consisted of three looks, or layers, as Pietro de Angelis, the brand’s style…

Uman Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Uman sent out a luxurious collection referencing “the roughness of the Great North” and its…

Uman Men’s RTW Spring 2014

The collection centered on the Mogambo, the British safari jacket donned by ultimate beau Clark Gable in the…

Uman Men’s RTW Fall 2013

Umberto Angeloni upped the luxury factor by presenting standout pieces.

Uman Men’s RTW Spring 2013

The presentation marked the launch of a Web site dedicated to the esoteric label's concept…

Uman Men’s RTW Spring 2012

Founder Umberto Angeloni hinged his focused and sophisticated presentation on blue jackets.

Uman Men’s RTW Spring 2011

Umberto Angeloni jackets draw on maritime and safari themes.

Uman Men’s RTW Fall 2010

Umberto Angeloni introduced three new wardrobe pieces for his Uman label, each referencing historical and…