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Undercover RTW and Men’s Fall 2021

Jun Takahashi took inspiration from anime for men, and went for a chic mix of comfort and glam for women.

Undercover Men’s Fall 2021

Jun Takahashi bet on a return to normal, or as normal as his signature blend of disquieting lurking in the…

Undercover RTW Spring 2021

Rather than look outward for inspiration, Jun Takahashi turned his eyes inward, to both his body of work and…

Undercover Men’s Spring 2021

Jun Takahashi looked at the season through a child's eyes, what with all the baggy trousers, rolled cuffs and…

Undercover RTW Fall 2020

For the first time, Jun Takahashi tapped the sartorial heritage of his homeland for a collection inspired by…

Undercover Men’s Fall 2020

Jun Takahashi's collection was poetic, unfurling in a circus-cum-theater with a conceptual, warrior-themed…

Undercover RTW Spring 2020

Jun Takahashi brought across the vein of beautiful tailoring started in his spring menswear, in neon brights.

Undercover Men’s Spring 2020

Jun Takahashi threw a curveball, presenting a collection of black, beautifully made and elegant masculine…

Undercover RTW Fall 2019

Moving on from "A Clockwork Orange" for his men's fall 2019 show, Jun Takahashi splashed photo prints from…

Undercover Men’s Fall 2019

The "A Clockwork Orange"-inspired collection included a capsule sporting illustrations designed in…

Undercover RTW Spring 2019

Jun Takahashi divided the hyper-playful collection — "The Seventh Sense" — into seven groups, each with their…

Undercover Men’s Spring 2019

Jun Takahashi's "new warrior" tribes each had their own look, banner and soundtrack.

Undercover RTW Fall 2018

Jun Takahashi's ode to youth took on a poignant cast in light of the recent school shooting in Florida.

Undercover Fall 2018

The brand was co-guest designer at Pitti Uomo.

Undercover RTW Spring 2018

Two-faced in the very best way, Jun Takahashi took on twins, Cindy Sherman and "The Shining."