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Véronique Leroy RTW Fall 2022

The Belgian designer mined her own memories for a collection with subtle '80s references.

Veronique Leroy RTW Spring 2022

The French designer is moving on from last year's slowdown with a collection devoted to motion.

Véronique Leroy RTW Fall 2021

In her return to the Paris calendar, Véronique Leroy wanted to breathe movement into her clothes thanks to…

Véronique Leroy RTW Spring 2019

Highlights included long dresses in a sheer silk crepe with contrast seams, loose-gauge knits, and a…

Véronique Leroy RTW Fall 2018

Presented in a short film directed by Grégoire Dyer, the collection mixed urban and organic references.

Véronique Leroy RTW Spring 2018

In a season of celebrating the strange, and things that are a bit off, the designer was on track in this…

Véronique Leroy RTW Fall 2017

The designer's love affair with the Eighties took a wrong turn with this lineup of gelled quiffs, oversized…

Veronique Leroy RTW Spring 2017

Acid-washed denim, lamé and other signposts of the early Eighties dominated this collection.

Veronique Leroy RTW Fall 2016

Carrying over the Eighties "Dallas" references from her pre-fall offering, Veronique Leroy spiced up her…

Veronique Leroy Pre-Fall 2016

"Dallas," the prime-time Eighties soap opera, wound its way into Veronique Leroy's pre-fall collection.

Véronique Leroy RTW Spring 2016

Véronique Leroy showed an alluring, feminine spring collection, offering an array of dresses in various…

Véronique Leroy Resort 2016

Veronique Leroy made it clear that her resort collection was about real clothes, not fashion in any grand…

Veronique Leroy RTW Fall 2015

Leroy played with the perception of good taste by using a color palette that was deliberately off-kilter.

Véronique Leroy Pre-Fall 2015

The designer presented a pre-fall lineup that essentially focused on one specific shape: long, flared and…

Véronique Leroy RTW Spring 2015

A bourgeoise faced with sudden loss of social status was the inspiration for the designer's show.