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Victor Alfaro RTW Fall 2017

Victor Alfaro embraced messages of hope and the gritty, street-driven vibe.

Victor Alfaro RTW Spring 2017

Victor Alfaro took a strong, graphic position with black-and-white looks and abstract prints done on long…

Victor Alfaro Resort 2017

Alfaro embraced a more casual approach to everyday clothes.

Victor Alfaro RTW Fall 2016

Victor Alfaro's fall collection focused on a more tailored, richer version of the system of chicly…

Victor Alfaro Pre-Fall 2016

Victor Alfaro's envisioned his first pre-fall collection as a system of coordinated pieces that could easily…

Victor Alfaro RTW Spring 2016

Victor Alfaro showed a lineup rooted in chic ease and inspired by Ellsworth Kelly.

Victor Alfaro RTW Fall 2015

What is luxury? That question played a major role, philosophically and practically, in Victor Alfaro’s fall…

Victor Alfaro RTW Spring 2014

A SoulCycle enthusiast himself, Alfaro designed for like-minded women whose bodies can handle lean…