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Viktor & Rolf Couture Fall 2022

Models were in for transformation, ending up on equal footing.

Viktor & Rolf Couture Spring 2022

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren referenced Old Hollywood vampires as a metaphor for fearing change.

Viktor & Rolf Couture Fall 2021

Royal flush for the couture duo with a collection rife with tongue-in-cheek takes on the idea of power and…

Viktor & Rolf Couture Spring 2021

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren threw a couture rave in the basement of an old ammunition factory.

Viktor & Rolf Couture Fall 2020

Viktor & Rolf's witty short film featured a voiceover by Mika in the style of a vintage British news reel.

Viktor & Rolf Couture Spring 2020

The conceptual designers created patchworks from leftover fabric samples for easy silhouettes that spelled…

Viktor & Rolf Couture Fall 2019

The wool felt created from flock to finish by Dutch artist-alchemist Claudy Jongstra was the cornerstone of a…

Viktor & Rolf Couture Spring 2019

The playful tulle-based collection juxtaposed colorful period dress-inspired creations with slogans and…

Viktor & Rolf Couture Fall 2018

The anniversary show was based on remakes of conceptual highlights from across the brand's 25 years of…

Viktor & Rolf Couture Spring 2018

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren created the entire collection from the same fabric: a technical duchesse…

Viktor & Rolf Soir RTW Spring 2018

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren introduced a new line of special occasion attire infused with their…

Viktor & Rolf Couture Fall 2017

The collection played on warped couture-ified spins on the bomber jacket.

Viktor & Rolf Couture Spring 2017

The collection carried over last season's conscious couture thread.

Viktor & Rolf Couture Fall 2016

The designers repurposed scraps from collections across their career, yielding charming rag-rug…

Viktor & Rolf Couture Spring 2016

The design duo imagined "a Surrealist meeting of a white pique polo shirt and Cubist portraits."